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Hands off! Use Screen Cleaning Wipes First.

We live in an era where electronic devices are a priority, a need. But so is our health and everything that’s related to screens have to do with germs too. It’s normal for society to be on their phones, they go everywhere we go - including bathrooms- and naturally these devices slowly turn into heaven for all kinds of microorganisms.

There’s also a huge group of people who don’t take the time to clean their gadgets at all. They’re too busy living life and sending WhatsApp messages that they often forget they have in their hands the biggest culprit when it comes to transferring germs, dirt and unwanted things onto everything else. Hold on for a sec and ask yourself…” Am I the one who always has screen cleaning wipes or the one who always has a screen full of dirt?”

If hygiene is not important to you and the culture of having a clean device screen makes no big deal to you, maybe another reason will change your mind. Did you know that a dirty screen can sometimes cause your phone to act erratic and buggy? Electronic devices tend to undergo massive amounts of testing before they hit the right market but it’s difficult during those testing’s for device manufacturers to spot every single problem a gadget may have.

Our pre-moistened wipes won’t cause any kind of damage to your screen, they will actually make them a little brighter and give you a simple solution, whether on the go, at home or even at work; that you can enjoy. Are you ready to make your device look better? We have a few tips that could be helpful:

You can disinfect your device with mostly anything. What experts recommend is to use screen cleaning wipes. These can be used very easily and are great for your phone’s health! They’re great at grabbing dust from a surface and when it comes to grime, oily fingerprints and “unknowns” they lift them easily from screens. They’re carefully formulated and effectively remove everything you can think of!

  • - First of all, switch off the device - a black screen allows you to see the dust, dirt and grime more clearly.
  • - Grab the screen cleaning wipe of your preference and in one direction - either horizontal or vertical – gently, but firmly, wipe the screen and avoid going around in circles.
  • - Let it dry (there’s no need to rinse it off) and enjoy your crystal-clear screen once again,

iCloth Lens and Screen Cleaner:

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Cleaning wipes for use on Glasses, Chromebooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Cameras and other small electronics.

iCloth Large Screen Cleaning Wipes:

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iCloth XL Screen and Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes :

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Quick, easy and effective – Your eyes will thank you (and so will we). There you have it, because when it comes to caring for you and your devices. We will be here 24/7!