The Perfect Wipe to clean your glasses, phone and other personal gadgets!

Our 3.5 in x 5 in wipe has the optimal moisture level to safely and efficiently clean all your personal and sensitive items On-The-Go.

What You Can Clean With Our Premium Small Wipes:

Eyewear with/without Protective Coatings


All kinds of Lenses
Optical Devices

iCloth Lens and Screen Cleaner Pro-Grade Individually Wrapped Wet Wipes, Wipes for Cleaning Small Electronic Devices Like Smartphones and Tablets

3.5 in x 5 in (9 cm x 13 cm) - 1 ml fill

Cleaning wipes for use on Glasses, Chromebooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Cameras and other small electronics.

#30wipebox test for 30 wipe box #100wipebox test for 100 wipe box
$153.89 $9.99
$153.89 $9.99

What You Get


Premium water-based formula specially designed to clean sensitive surfaces without causing damage


Optimal moisture level for cleaning all kinds of electronics without affecting responsiveness and ensuring a streak-free finish


Exceptionally strong, soft and lint-free cloth with aerospace certifications that will ensure effective dirt pick-up


Individually packaged to keep each wipe perfectly moist and hygienic until the moment of use


Safe cleaning for anti-glare, anti-scratch and any other protective coatings on eyewear without scratching them

What You Avoid


No ethyl alcohol or ammonia


No scratchy or linty cloth


No excessive moisture that could cause damage or leave smudges behind


No additional accessories needed to clean


No bulky packaging that gets in the way of you being able to clean on-the-go


No impractical/messy packaging that could compromise the reliability of the cleaning wipe

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer Reviews

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iCloth Lens and Screen Cleaner Pro-Grade Individually Wrapped Wet Wipes, Wipes for Cleaning Small Electronic Devices Like Smartphones and Tablets

Excellent product

I have been using these clothes for well over two years. Always work perfectly.


Great for aircraft screens. Put a box in your flight bag.

Great for sticky fingerprints on all your devices!

We all have entirely too many screens in our lives these days, televisions, laptops, tablets, E-readers, cellular devices, the list can go on and on. As many of these rely on touch screens, smudges and fingerprints are an inevitability. Even more so, the devices that aren't touch screens (like the living room television in our apartment) can develop a mess of sticky fingerprints with a toddler running around! I was excited to try these wipes as they seemed like a more "dedicated" product for electronics (and likely safer for the item being cleaned) than the "multipurpose cleansers" on the market.
The wipes are individually packaged allowing for storage in multiple spots (keep some near the TV, few in my bag for work, some in my purse, etc). Each wipe can easily be used on multiple devices (assuming you use them within a few minutes of each other as the wipes dry out quite quickly). The wipes easily removed the sticky fingerprints from my devices and left a streak free shine! I'm very happy with this purchase. The $14 price tag for 30 wipes is a bit steep, but if you search, there is a 90 pack of wipes for $19 which is a very reasonable deal!
As a fellow Amazon buyer, I have always meticulously researched items before spending hard earned money on purchases, and now I am honored to be given the opportunity to test items and present my honest and unbiased reviews to assist others in making (or avoiding) purchases. I have received this item for a discount in exchange for my review. The sellers ask only that I give my honest opinion and neither require nor reward positive feedback, nor punish negative feedback. I hope the information I have presented helps you to make an informed decision! If so, please vote by replying Yes to 'Was this review helpful.’ Thank you!


Perfect for taking along! The name, naturally, caught my eye; and they definitely live up their name!! I had no luck finding wipes that I could take along in my purse....till now! I love this product!!

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