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Cleaning wipes for use on Glasses, Chromebooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Cameras and other small electronics.


SKU : iC100
UPC-ID : 185284121006

9cm x 13cm - 1 ml fill
iClothMade in the USA
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BUNDLE PACK - 30 Lens and Screen - 24 Large Screen - 10 XL Screen and Multi-Surface



Fast Streak-free Clean

One-step wipe removes skin oils, grease, germs, and grime fast! Leaving the surface looking like new. Developed to be safe for use on your expensive equipment.


Protect Your Screens

Soft, absorbent cloth wipe protects your screen and lens from scratches. Our formula helps your surface stay clean longer by repelling oils and grease. Purified water-based formula contains isopropyl alcohol and proprietary ingredients.


One Swipe

These screen cleaning cloth wipes require one swipe to clear glasses, phones, laptops, computers, and TV screens of fingerprints, grease, and other residues. The microfiber cloth has a low moisture level for smaller surface, leaving a streak-free shine.


Small Wipes

Individual screen wipes are perfect for phones, tablets, glasses, and small surfaces. Made of an aerospace-approved, pre-moistened fabric with a 75% purified water formula, the soft display screen cleaner wipes away residue effectively.


Future of Technology

Tired of using the same screen cleaning cloth? Try iCloth Screen Cleaning Wipes and upgrade the way you clean for good.


Selected, Approved, and Used Daily

iCloth Wipes have been approved by equipment manufacturers and customers in Aviation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Law Enforcement, Tech, Military, and more. Over 200,000,000 of our wipes have cleaned computer displays, touchscreens, phones, and lenses!


Properly Sized and Pre-moistened

To ensure maximum clarity, we are passionate about ensuring that each wipe has the perfect moisture level. We have different sizes available to perfectly clean all your devices.


Multi-Screen Cleaner

Touch screen cleaner wipes are perfect for use in the home, office, technology, aviation, and more; to protect your display screens from damaging residue. Ammonia- and ethyl-alcohol-free screen cleaning formula leaves screens spotless without creating streaks or damaging their delicate surfaces.



Since 2001 we've specialized in products for sensitive screens. From eyewear to airline entertainment screens, our American made iCloth is designed to be tough yet soft enough to clean glass surfaces for aviation, schools, military, and hospitals.



If you don't enjoy using every last wipe in the box, let us know!
We will make it right or refund your money with no questions asked!


Customer Reviews

Based on 1078 reviews
Great for Travelling

I bought the iCloth for use on my cell phone when I'm travelling or on the go. It's great. Does a great job. I would like it to be a smidgen bigger by 1 cm on the length and width but other than that, it is a great product.

Excellent product

I have been using these clothes for well over two years. Always work perfectly.


Great for aircraft screens. Put a box in your flight bag.

Not terribly impressed

Just ok

Great for sticky fingerprints on all your devices!

We all have entirely too many screens in our lives these days, televisions, laptops, tablets, E-readers, cellular devices, the list can go on and on. As many of these rely on touch screens, smudges and fingerprints are an inevitability. Even more so, the devices that aren't touch screens (like the living room television in our apartment) can develop a mess of sticky fingerprints with a toddler running around! I was excited to try these wipes as they seemed like a more "dedicated" product for electronics (and likely safer for the item being cleaned) than the "multipurpose cleansers" on the market.
The wipes are individually packaged allowing for storage in multiple spots (keep some near the TV, few in my bag for work, some in my purse, etc). Each wipe can easily be used on multiple devices (assuming you use them within a few minutes of each other as the wipes dry out quite quickly). The wipes easily removed the sticky fingerprints from my devices and left a streak free shine! I'm very happy with this purchase. The $14 price tag for 30 wipes is a bit steep, but if you search, there is a 90 pack of wipes for $19 which is a very reasonable deal!
As a fellow Amazon buyer, I have always meticulously researched items before spending hard earned money on purchases, and now I am honored to be given the opportunity to test items and present my honest and unbiased reviews to assist others in making (or avoiding) purchases. I have received this item for a discount in exchange for my review. The sellers ask only that I give my honest opinion and neither require nor reward positive feedback, nor punish negative feedback. I hope the information I have presented helps you to make an informed decision! If so, please vote by replying Yes to 'Was this review helpful.’ Thank you!


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