Posted on by Peter Hartlen

What makes iCloth different?

“We’re passionate about and relentlessly focused on optical clarity. We do it better than anyone else. “

Our customers have been depending on us to clean their critical equipment and sensitive optical surfaces since 2001.

It all started with prescription performance and protective eyewear, then came to include avionics displays, electronic flight bags, and in-flight entertainment screens for major airlines. Today, we offer cleaning solutions for all the screens on the many devices that surround us daily at school, at work, and at play.

Our customers rely on our products to maintain the optimal appearance and performance of their equipment. Our wipes provide a cleaner clean and return your technical and optical investments to a like-new look and feel!

It’s not just another wipe.

Every component of the iCloth wipe was specifically selected to assist in delivering consistent and trustable performance every single time a package is opened.

Effective one wipe Cleaning

Our formula consists of pharma-grade Isopropyl alcohol, injectable grade purified water and a proprietary component, which assists in lifting contaminants and leaves the surface a little resistant to fingerprints, making it easier to clean next time.

Our hydroentangled nonwoven is soft, extremely low-linting, absorbent, and textured—making it excellent for trapping dirt, soaking up dissolved grime, and removing any trace of previous use.

iCloth wipes are made in medical device manufacturing facilities on the highest quality precision packaging equipment. They are hermetically sealed to prevent them from drying out and contain the exact right amount of formula per square inch to perform properly on the surface requiring cleaning.

iCloth screen cleaning wipes come in 3 sizes

iCloth screen cleaning wipes come in 3 sizes, Small, Large, and Extra-Large, to perfectly clean items like handheld devices, laptops and desktops, or 86 inch TV screens.

iCloth is a one-step cleaning solution that can be depended on for performance every time. Each package comes with a 5-Star Experience Empty-Box Guarantee. The iCloth experience is guaranteed until the box is empty!